About us

Having worked with various industrial clients over the years it became evident to us that no matter the amount of Planned Maintenance (PM’s) activity carried out, organisations still experienced major mechanical and electrical breakdowns.

This caused us to question organisations approach to Planned Maintenance and Condition Monitoring.

It became evident that Condition Based Monitoring typically represented those systems available at the time of construction or technology available at the time of an interim system upgrade.

Mostly, condition monitoring techniques utilised handheld portable equipment such as IR Cameras, Portable Vibration collection devices and Ultrasonic units.  The majority of these are utilised on a periodic schedule and generally by an outsourced organisation who eventually report their findings back to the clients.

Our question was: why not automate Condition Based Monitoring?

The answer was typical for the industry. Organisations deemed that the investment required to network a CBM solution was cost exclusive, getting comms and power to every point was just a leap too far.

Always ready for a challenge, our focus is in on solving client problems. How do we gather the information needed to ensure our client facilities are maintained and managed in the most cost effective manner?

We went about developing a solution and in doing this we created the basis for what is now our MYSENSUM Wireless, Battery Powered Condition Based Monitoring Solution, a system enabling the rapid deployment and cost effective connection of a wide variety of sensors in remote places without the need for expensive networking and cabling.

Furthermore the ability to interrogate data remotely from anywhere in the world by any employee through a browser connected device.

We invite you to join us on our journey  to connect the impossible…

Colin Rose
Managing Director, MYCENA Systems Ltd.