01. The problem

A leading British manufacturer of luxury vehicles was facing an ongoing challenge of detecting overheating electrical cables and contacts within their vast production environment. These pain points had a significant impact on production schedules, with huge cost and timing implications. They tasked MYCENA with finding a smart solution to the problem.

02. Our solution

Our system is perfect for this kind of scenario. We planned, implemented and deployed an extensive array of networked and wireless high resistance detection monitors. Being wireless, the devices were simple and quick to integrate compared to other systems, and allowed the client to remotely monitor every point in the network in real time. Our system also gave them the ability to predict potential early asset failure, making pre-emptive maintenance work a reality. Due to the versatile nature of the multi-sensor devices, they were also capable of monitoring more than just heat – providing the client with significant data insight on their production process.

03. The result

Condition based monitoring allowed for condition based maintenance – meaning necessary work could be identified, planned and prioritised at a top level before it was undertaken. This dramatically reduced downtime, asset loss and risk. This has saved them millions of pounds to date – and continues to do so.

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