Our condition monitoring technology has a proven track record in complex and large-scale environments. We’ve helped the automotive industry monitor hundreds of factory motors at once, made sure the solar industry can keep tabs on high resistance connections in substations, and measured oxygen depletion for the environmental industry.

Key benefits

  • Gives you a clear overview and line of sight of all monitored assets
  • Integrates easily with your existing environment
  • Monitor multiple conditions simultaneously – saving you time and money
  • Fits into your data workflow with a variable range of data output formats
  • Good usability with a clear graphical user interface (GUI)


Multi-sensor interface

Including temperature, voltage, pressure, frequency, inclination, strain/load, gases, environmental, proximity, level/volume

Remote and wireless

Can be networked or cloud based

High accuracy

Inclination to 4 decimal places


User-friendly GUI design


Battery and powered options available


Works with EMS – building management systems and SCADA – instructional building management

Data output

Variable data formats

Hazardous environments

ATEX rated for use in explosive environments

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