01. The problem

An ethical power company based in Southampton was dealing with a persistent problem: substation fires caused by loose connections and overheating electrical cables. They asked MYCENA to develop a solution that would reduce the fires in a smart, efficient way.

02. Our solution

We immediately saw the benefits of deploying our smart condition based monitors to detect incremental changes in heat in real time. This insight allowed the power company to quickly and reliably identify where the loose connections were – and get them repaired before they caused a fire.

03. The result

Our solution delivered significant results to the power company. They’ve been able to minimise the time and cost of maintenance, protect their assets and save on thermal imaging costs as the monitors effectively replaced that detection method.

As well as the cost reduction, our system has minimised the need for ‘live working’ – resulting in much less time onsite for the maintenance crews and therefore a huge additional health and safety benefit.

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