01. The problem

An international automotive manufacturer was manually sampling effluent outflow for compliance with water authority regulations on Chemical Oxygen Demand (C.O.D) and pH levels. The inefficient nature of this process and the latency of the data they collected meant that maximum limit levels were being regularly exceeded. The company’s priority was to meet or exceed environmental standards and minimise the risk of environmental damage caused by excessive pollutants to outflow. As well as the environmental consideration, the lack of compliance regularly resulted in significant standing charges and fines from the water authority.

02. Our solution

MYCENA delivered a solution that transformed their sampling process. We implemented a calibrated dilution sampling system that enabled real-time collection and measurement of data. Our system is remote and wireless, which brought considerable benefits compared to their previous system of sending samples to a lab and waiting for results. To further increase efficiency, we integrated our system with the existing onsite SCADA solution, passing data to it via a Mod-bus link.

03. The result

The company were able to meet and exceed the strict environmental standards, and the

financial savings from the implementation provided payback in less than 12 months. The ability to identify trending levels of PPM early allowed them to make adjustments to processing to make sure effluent outflows were within compliance limits.

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